This short article has been contributed by Les Bloom who thought it might appeal to some of our members with long memories. Long enough to remember such early members as Miss Sears and Carol Johnson. Miss Sears was a founder member and Carol succeeded Helen Lefevre as Botany Group leader something like thirty years ago.

A Budding Botanist

Les writes:

The enclosed photograph shows Madge (Marjory) my late wife and first daughter Helen, being fed with a spoon, and our two bicycles parked up — mine having a sidecar attached for the wee one. Madge and I met, cycling and through the Youth Hostels in 1941/2 and married in 1950.

Helen was born in 1952 and when she was around 8 or 9 years old and up to being 14ish , she loved to join with me, on Field Society walks and became quite interested in the Botany and Geology of the Dales. It was the kindness of Miss Sears and Carol Johnson, Leader of the Botany Group, which absorbed Helen — they were so helpful to her and now Helen is quite a renowned Botanist in the area where she lives — Long Eaton in Nottinghamshire, where the leader of her U3A group often asks for her opinion !

It’s also very kind of the present Leader of our UWFS Botany Group — Christine Bell, to compare notes with Helen, on the Botany of the two areas — when this virus problem allows them to have small groups get out and about.

Christine was first contacted by Helen to help with a plant identification and since then has received several plant lists from Helen’s area and is hoping to take Helen to local sites such as Kilnsey when visiting becomes possible again.

I take from this that we should use any opportunity to share our enthusiasms with youngsters as it may have a lasting and positive impact on the course of their future.

Chris Alder