as at March 2019

  • The name of the Society shall be The Upper Wharfedale Field Society.

  • The objects of the Society shall be:

    a. to promote interest in Natural History, Archaeology, Local History and Vernacular Buildings by means of lectures, discussions, excursions and the maintenance of records;
    b. to work for the conservation of the countryside.

  • Membership, with the exception of Honorary Life Members elected by an AGM, shall be constituted by payment of an Annual Subscription which shall become due at the first meeting in September. Members shall be encouraged to form such Interest Groups as they may from time to time think fit.

  • The amount of the Annual Subscription shall be agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

  • The financial year of the Society shall commence on 1st September and terminate on 31st August.

  • The officers of the Society shall be: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Speaker Secretary, Publicity Officer, Health and Safety Officer, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold office for one year from 1st September following the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.

  • The Committee:

    a. The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Society and three other members elected at the AGM;
    b. The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt, the co-optees holding office until the following 31st August;
    c. If, when the Committee is formed, it is found that any of the Society’s Interest Groups are not represented, that Group/s shall be invited to recommend representative/s whom the Committee may then co-opt for that year.

  • General Meetings:

    a. The Society’s AGM shall be held during the month of April;
    b. A special General Meeting of the Society may be called either by the Committee or by means of a notice addressed to the President and signed by not fewer than 12 members. Between September and April any special General Meeting shall take place in the course of a scheduled Ordinary Meeting, notice of the proposed business having been given at a previous Ordinary Meeting.

  • Five members present at a Committee meeting shall represent a quorum and fifteen at a General Meeting.

  • The Constitution shall be altered only by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting of the Society; notice of
    any proposed alteration/s having been given either at a previous Ordinary Meeting or in writing to all recorded members.

  • If at any time it shall be decided by a General Meeting that the Society be discontinued, attempts shall be made to ensure that any remaining assets are transferred to an organisation holding similar aims.