We are now certainly well into Spring 2020, and while the flowers mentioned in the last update can still be found we have now moved on, seeing Bird Cherry in the woods; Red Campion and Stitchwort in the woods and on the river banks; and Horseshoe Vetch on the rocks along the riverside, to give a flavour of what is now around.

Bird Cherry

Red Campion


Before this on the moors were the Mountain Pansies  seeming to garland the dead tussocks like a coronet. Early Purple Orchids on the moors, woods and open grassland, Cuckoo Flowers seemingly all over the place with Marsh Valerian and Birdseye Primrose at Kilnsey and Lythe House Flush.

Horseshoe Vetch,Early Purple Orchid, Cuckoo Flower,Birdseye Primrose,Marsh Valerian

At the end of April there was spontaneous praise by two members of the group for the Dandelion. One member decided it was the flower of the week for its brilliant circles of yellow everywhere, commenting that if it was found in other places we would marvel at it but instead we poison, uproot or mow it! Virtually the same day someone else said how important it was as a source of nectar for   various butterflies she had been watching. In reply to those comments was another who had always wanted to plant a circle of Dandelions to mimic the sun and left a portion of his garden free to to go to seed for the Goldfinch and made a salad with the early leaves. It is certainly a wonderful colourful sight as the flower edges all the roads and roundabouts.

It’s not known yet when we shall be able to resume meetings together, but as individuals we can continue to take much pleasure in our beautiful countryside and share our findings with others.


Christine Bell

Photos Christine Bell