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Abstract: The Hardangervidda in south central Norway is Europe’s largest high mountain plateau, with an average elevation of 1100 metres. Its highest point, over 1800 metres above sea-level, is a permanent ice cap.  The plateau has many rivers and lakes, and some interesting glacial features, and makes for superb walking in Summer, and skiing in Winter. In the early 1960’s, I had been there with the Scouts and Guides, walking and camping. In 2000, with my wife, I went again to the area. We walked from Finse (close to the northern edge of the area) southwards, for 8 days, to Haukeliseter on the road between Oslo and Bergen. In these eight days we crossed one other road! The area is covered in a network of mountain huts, so, rather than carrying a tent, sleeping bags and cooking equipment, we stopped in huts (some rather luxurious, others perhaps less so.)

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