Leader, David Turner, also Jim Hutchinson, Beryl Turner, Jo Drake, Chris Thomas, Leslie Collins.

Toft Gate Lime Kiln and Coldstone Quarry

Members parked by Toft Gate Lime Kiln for the visit to Coldstones Quarry, the weather being cold, windy and wet. This area is immediately to the north of the North Craven Fault.

We walked up to the Coldstone Cut sculpture; a big maze-like structure which acts as viewing platform.

The quarrying is into limestone. The whole area has been worked for lead for many centuries and the quarry exposed some of workings.

We also took time to look at the nearby Toft Gate Lime Kiln with its adjacent chimney and flue.

Bradstone Beck Lead Mining Complex

After lunch we walked out of the Village down the hillside into the lead mining complex in the valley of Bradstone Beck (crossing the Red Scar Grit). We saw adits including the ‘coffin’ shaped entrance to Jack Ass level and Gillfield level lead mines. Also waste tips which were scavenged for minerals and crystals. Finally we walked downstream into the area where there are exposures of sandstones  and shales of Grassington Grit, Upper Bowland Shales and Lower Follifoot Grit.

Bradstone Becklead mining complex

Image and text by J.Hutchinson