Nature Notes

This weeks visitors to Marg’s garden have been particularly cold and hungry.

Long Tailed Tits

Upcoming Winter Walk

The next UWFS walk will be held on Saturday 18th December. It will be from Linton to Threshfield Quarry which is about 5 miles and we will be joined by members of Craven U3a. Please meet at Linton Village Green @ 9.45 am, suitably booted,  to leave at 10.00am promptly.

The organisers have asked that anyone wishing to attend, notify them before 6pm on the 17th. Contact details can be found here

Raistrick Lecture on 10 Jan: “In the dark: Grassington Mines”

In anticipation of the Raistrick Lecture by our own Dr John A Helm, we have been looking at the safety work undertaken by Grassington Mines Appreciation Society using Glory Mine on Grassington moor as an example. This can be found as “Grassington Mines – From Panoramas to Protection” click here

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Whilst sheltering from the strong winds and snow on 7th December, we spotted these lichens and fungi thriving in the lead environments of Glory Mine.

Lichen at Glory Mine
Lichen at Glory Mine
Lichen at Glory Mine

Keith Parker