Providence Lead Mine

Leader,David Turner, also present Jo Drake, Jim Hutchinson, Jane Hargreaves and Chris Thomas.

Phillip J Murphy in his book ‘Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of Upper Wharfedale’ has as his walk four, ‘Southeast of Kettlewell and Langcliffe Pot’, and so on a beautiful day we set off to identify some potholes, but at the surface.

We extended this walk by first of all heading up to Providence Pot, and duly pulled the cover to one side to look down the vertical shaft which is very well secured with steel tubing. After replacing the cover we went on a short distance to the site of the Providence Lead Mine. Here we found some shade and had lunch before walking a short distance south across the moor to pick up the Walk 4 route.

Rain Pot Hole and Langcliffe Pot

Next to Rain Pot Hole. Murphy says ‘Rain Pot is a strange feature. It’s very steep sides indicate that it is most probably a collapsed doline, …’ It is certainly a very large and impressive hole in the ground but one which it would have been easy to walk past if you didn’t know what you were looking for. Then across the hillside to Fog Cave, Rigg Pot and finally Langcliffe Pot of which Murphy says ‘A trip to the far reaches is one of the most serious undertakings in British caving.’ And finally back down the hillside to Kettlewell and a welcome pot of tea on what had been a very hot and exhausting day.

Providence Lead Mine, Kettlewell

Rain Pot Hole, Kettlewell

JH; 28/06/18

Images and text by J.Hutchinson