Nine members spent an enjoyable day at this large ex-mining reserve. The spotting started early in the carpark with Barn owl carrying food, 2 young Kestrels on the large drag line and a Buzzard overhead.

Young Kestrels


The predominant noise was of the large Black headed Gulls but as we ventured along the track we heard and saw several male Reed Buntings as they perched on top of the bushes.  We also heard the rasping calls of a Sedge Warbler which we saw and recognised with its white eye stripe.

Black-headed Gull

Sedge Warbler

There was a fleeting view of a Black necked Grebe, one of the specialities of the site but we didn’t see the others : Bittern and Bearded Tit. The lakes had many families of Coot and Moorhen but ducks were difficult to identify without their colourful breeding plumage. We heard small passerines in the stretch of woodland.

Coot with chicks

Great Crested Grebe

In all 35 species were found.

As well as birds the site was full of interesting flowers which attracted large numbers of mostly Meadow brown butterflies.  In all 5 species of butterfly were seen plus, what appeared to be a 6 spot Burnet moth, but on closer inspection of the photograph was probably a Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet..


Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet


Truly this reserve has lots to offer.


Report: Win Clements

Photos: Ian Hughes