Treasurer’s Report – Year ending August 2017

The accounts for the year ending 31st August 2017 completed by myself and audited by Philip Sugden showed a surplus of £633.31. The accounts reflect the increase in membership which resulted in a rise of £263 in subscription income. Income from Visitors’ fees also rose by £66. Refreshment income produced a net figure of £157.66. Donations amounted to £154. Fund-raising events raised £627.50 taking into account costs of £94.30. With regards to expenditure, the Speakers’ honoraria rose from £327 to £472.50 as a result of more speakers and an increase in associated costs. A laptop case and display boards were purchased during 2016/2017 incurring expenditure of £140.69. The Society gave a donation to Grassington Devonshire Institute to fund the purchase of one chair in the Octagon Theatre at a cost of £150. To provide improved screen viewing a projector was hired and costs in this respect amounted to £130.

I am pleased to report that Upper Wharfedale Field Society is currently in a strong financial position. Reserves are available to fund a new website during 2018 and to fund the Society’s 70th Anniversary celebrations in 2019.
Ann Shaw