This was our annual short walk (4.5 miles) followed by a hot pub-lunch, and the sun shone for us on a crisp and frosty day. Nineteen walkers were met by the leaders Keith and Wendy Berrington at The Fountaine Inn in Linton and headed off towards Thorpe. We stopped on the hill above Linton to marvel at the clarity of the expansive view, and the shadows which so clearly revealed the lynchets created by very early farmers.

En route to Thorpe

En route to Thorpe © UWFS

Above Linton © UWFS

Above Linton © UWFS

Thorpe hamlet was another place to loiter in, full of historic charm, and it was so pleasing to see the mass of snowdrops emerging on the green. Our route onwards led us to the lower slope of Elbolton reef knoll where there are caves and much interest in the fossiled stones exposed by previous excavations.
A gradual climb up the reef knoll brought us to one of the shafts from where we made straight for the summit cairn, a strong and very cold wind buffeting us, and here Keith surprised us by offering warm mulled wine – very welcome on this New Year walk!

Elbolton cairn

Elbolton Cairn © UWFS

View NE from Elbolton

View NE from Elbolton © UWFS

We retraced our path back to Thorpe and along Thorpe Lane to peel off onto a narrow walled path downhill and then left to head back to Linton. A series of stiles led us past the old Linton Camp which site has a chequered history from very early times. Back in Linton we joined many more members who had supportive connection with the Walking Group, and The Fountaine Inn did us all proud with a splendid pre-arranged lunch for 47!…….a very happy and sociable day!


Phyllida Oates