On December 18, 2021 the Upper Wharfedale Field Society Walking Group met with Craven u3a Wharfedale Walking Group for a joint walk from Linton to explore the disused Delaney’s quarry at Threshfield. We were able to picnic in bright sunshine, but this was brief respite from the cold damp fog which blanketed the land below us.

Lime Kiln

So, let’s start at the beginning of the walk. We met at Linton and walked the Well Lane path to Threshfield bridge and the Skirethorns Lane quarry entrance. We took the path on the east of the entrance, passing old lime kilns, and turned into the quarry where there are some old trucks on display.

Rock Trucks

Down into the quarry, we saw the waterfall. Then up to the viewpoint on the east side, and onto the picnic stop at the north end of the quarry. It was a relief to feel the sun at this point. Afterwards we went down through the quarry, into deep mist again. This provided some startling images, such as a footpath sign in the quarry.

We came out of the quarry onto Wood Lane, walked through the tiny and picturesque hamlet of Skirethorns, across the meadows to Threshfield at the Old Hall, passing the stocks on the village green, and back to Well Lane and Linton.

[Participants: Colin, Carol, Jane, Ann, Keith & Wendy from the Field Society, and Sheila, Richard, Joan, Colin, Marcia & Peter from the u3a. Photo credits: Keith, Wendy, Richard, Ann]

Note: A Film of Delaney’s quarry can be found on the BFI Website called “Stone Harvest” – click here