On 26 August, six of the Walking Group walked uphill from Grassington to Bare House (often abbreviated to Barras) along the route used by the children who lived there to get to School. We paused regularly to look back at the magnificent views across Grassington stretching from Stump Cross to Pendle Hill.

Barras Windward side – note: No Windows

We stopped for coffee at Barras where we reminisced about a family who lived there: The Capsticks.  Jack Capstick was born around 1931 and walked, with his brothers and sisters, the two miles to School in the village every day. This lasted until Jack bought a motorbike and could ride, via Yarnbury, to park above the Town Hall. A young Police officer complained about this to his colleague, who suggested that if the Officer would like to go and tell the parents he was welcome to, pointing out of the window. At that time the Police Station was the white house behind modern day Hedgerow and Barras can be see on the ridge line of the hill from there.

From Barras we continued across the moor to reach the Bycliffe Road near Mossdale. On the way we looked at many fungi and plants, trying to identify them and if they were rare.

Fungus unknown
Possibly Yarrow Achillea millefolium
Fungi possibly Sulphur Tuft
Fungus Unknown

We recalled Britain’s worst potholing tragedy which took place in Mossdale caverns in 1967, where 6 cavers were drowned. We linked it to the “capping” of the mines in the late 60’s, coinciding with the ending of the Railway in Threshfield and then today’s on-going work to make the mines safe. From here we followed the track downhill to pass Capplestone Gate and what’s left of a Monastic building.

We joined the Daleway at the top of Coniston Dib where we stopped for lunch before returning to Grassington via the Dalesway. We paused to look at a restored lime kiln before returning across Lea Green where we encountered our first rain, much later than had been forecast. On the way we looked at an Iron Age wall and compared the lime kiln to the one seen earlier in the week at Coldstones Cut on the Local History Group outing to Wath.

Words by Phil S and Keith P
Photos by Ann S and Keith P
Lime Kiln approx 1840