Walking Group

The Upper Wharfedale Field Society Walking Group arranges and leads walks every month, within a thirty-mile radius of Grassington.

We have such magnificent landscape and diverse terrain, with moorland, pastures, valleys, rivers and woodlands, the vast network of tracks and paths usually well signposted.

Walking Group

Our walking group members, with interests in the Society’s natural history, geology, archaeology, social and structural history, are able to draw attention to various aspects and features during walks, which combines exercise with education.

Every walk is properly reconnoitred by a leader, usually between 7-9 miles long, for the third Saturday of each month through the year. In the summer months of May to September an extra, shorter, walk of about 4-5 miles long is arranged for a monthly Monday afternoon/early evening.
We welcome anybody who may be interested, but we have agreed a policy of not allowing dogs.

Scheduled Walks

Here’s what is coming up soon.

Tour of Grassington Lead Mines with the YDNP Archaeologist

"A short walk in the limestone country around Grassington explores the history of the rocks and the landscape. Rocks are visible all around: cropping out as 'scars' on the hillsides; exposed in the bed if the River Wharfe and in many quarries, both old and modern; and seen especially in the drystone walls  and buildings.


July 20

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Upcoming Events

  1. Hoary Rockrose

    Botany: Scout Scar, Kendal

    June 18 @ 09:00