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In Memory of Contributions to the Society Remembered by
Les Bloom C.Eng
Honorary Life Member
Lead mining at Yarnbury
Reflections on 70 Years
Bronte-Bedford Payne paid tribute to Les in her book “People and Places in Upper Wharfedale”. Phyllida has updated the tribute for us:

Leslie was a valued member of the Upper Wharfedale Field Society since the late 1950s, soon after the Society’s inauguration.  He lived in Pudsey but spent much time in the Dales and led many walks over a long period of time, and contributed considerable historical knowledge from his endless researches.

He attended the classes of Arthur Raistrick, one of the Field Society’s founder members, in Skipton for many years, became a close companion of Arthur and joined many of his excursions, particularly in archaeology.  Les became Honorary Treasurer and Trustee of the Arthur Raistrick Memorial Lecture Fund.  During these years he also attended courses in geology, history and archaeology at the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford, living as he did between the two cities.

As a Chartered Engineer Les spent all his working life in the fuel and power industry – later as a Consultant, along with fourteen years as a part-time lecturer in mathematics at Bradford Technical College (which became part of the University) where he had originally qualified in Mechanical Engineering.

In 2007 Les was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Society.  He was a much respected and valued member, broadly received and reciprocated deep and genuine affection, and we will all seriously miss our friend Les.

Phillip Sugden writes:

It is with very deep regret that we record the passing of Les Bloom, a long serving and much loved member of our Society. Les supported the Society over very many years, attending all its lectures and walks despite having to travel from Pudsey to these events, He was several times invited to be President of the Society but always refused due to his home location; however his long term support of the Society was recognised by the grant of Life Membership in 2007.

Les was the last of our members to have carried out field work with Arthur Raistrick whom he held in the highest regard, He together with John Busfield were known as the “Pudsey Boys” and accompanied Raistrick on many of his projects.

As a young apprentice engineer he was denied the opportunity to take up active military service because the team in which he worked were selected to build the watertight metal boxes which formed the Mulberry harbours for the invasion of Normandy, Later he lectured in mathematics to other young engineers at Bradford College.

Les’ first love was of the ancestry of the landed families of Northern England. Rarely could we pass a large house without being told precisely which member of the Percy, Neville or Clifford families has lived there and how and when the house had been won and lost,  His second great knowledge and interest came directly from his work where, as a mechanical engineer, he seems to have installed, modified, or removed, most of the textile mill boilers in Yorkshire and Lancashire. I recall his becoming very excited on seeing an abandoned mill in Lothersdale which had a very special form of boiler which recirculated waste gas to heat the factory, Les was able to tell us who had designed and built it and which great house in York was built from the profits.

Les , you will be remembered with great affection for a long time to come.

Keith Parker writes:

When I joined the Society around 2014 Les was one of the first to welcome me and always came over to have a chuckle at our meetings or on our walks. I got to spend a day with Les, Marion and Frances whilst we planned a trip to St Mary’s at Studley Royal and its sister church Christ the Consoler at Skelton on Ure, both examples of High Gothic revival Architecture. Les had done all the investigation and put together the day but unfortunately events overtook us and we never got to take our Vernacular Building friends to see them.

Les also shared an interest in Grassington Lead Mines and had worked on building the 1960’s fluorspar extraction works. These have now largely gone, but Les said he might have some information in his archives, with his usual tantalising twinkle in his eye. His extensive knowledge will be sorely missed.

Formative Members

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Dr Arthur Raistrick

Arthur Raistrick

Ian Goldthorpe

Ian was born in Hull and was educated at Hymers College and then as an architect at the Hull School of Architecture. In 1960 he went to Manchester to study Country planning at the University before working for the Cities of Manchester and Salford and Lancasire County Council. In 1973 he was appointed the Chief Planning Office of the Borough of Rossendale a post he held unti taking early retirement in 1982.

Ian was a member of the Victorian Society, two civic societies in the North West and lectured widely to amenity groups in Northern England. He was a keen fell walker, drawer and photographer as well as writing “Grassington towards the Millenium” supported by other Field Society members.