“geoscience” or “Earth science” is the study of the structure, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and its natural minerals and energy resources. Geology investigates the processes that have shaped the Earth through its 4,500 million year history and uses the rock record to unravel that history.

James Hutton, the “Father of Modern Geology”, originated the theory of uniformitarianism – a fundamental principle of geology – that explains the features of the Earth crust by means of natural processes over geological time. This was the belief that geological forces at work in the present day – barely noticeable to the human eye, yet immense in their impact – are the same as those that operated in the past.

The geology group meets on the last Wednesday of the month usually from March through to September to go on visits planned by the members the previous autumn. Visits usually begin at ten am and we aim to finish by three to four o’clock. Some of the visits are in the Dales and Craven, but others are further afield. Everyone is welcome and no previous knowledge of geology is required. Non- members are welcome to join us though a small charge is made to cover insurance.

Geology Visits

Here’s what is coming up soon.

"A short walk in the limestone country around Grassington explores the history of the rocks and the landscape. Rocks are visible all around: cropping out as 'scars' on the hillsides; exposed in the bed if the River Wharfe and in many quarries, both old and modern; and seen especially in the drystone walls  and buildings.

Great Asby Limestone "Abstract" "Varied, well-developed limestone pavements are well exposed over an extensive area of the Carboniferous limestone outcrop of the Orton-Asby escarpement, Cumbria. This area is the largest expanse of limestone pavement outside the well-known Ingleborough karst of Yorkshire., and the National Nature Reserve at Great Asby Scar includes the best

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The Geology Group meets on the last Wednesday of each month for a visit to some site of geological interest.

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  1. Hoary Rockrose

    Botany: Scout Scar, Kendal

    June 18 @ 09:00