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Abstract.  Skansen is on a 75acre site in central Stockholm. It shows life through the ages from all over Sweden. It is open throughout the year. There are over 150 buildings from the 16th century to the 20th century. The buildings are all in their original condition and have been moved to Skansen from all over the country. The buildings range from: a manor house to a single room forest home; farms and Sami encampments; church and mission house; craft workshops such as glass, wood, silversmith and trade shops such as bakers, Coop food shop, Bank and hardware shop. Most of the buildings are open as living buildings on a rotational basis with volunteers. These volunteers maybe: preparing food; weaving and dying; looking after pigs, cows and sheep; cutting, threshing and grinding corn; playing music in the church; selling bread and cakes in the bakers. The buildings’ volunteers are fluent in Swedish and English and are ready to answer questions.