Walk from Grimwith.

Despite it being Easter weekend, with many of our members away, a dozen walkers gathered at Grimwith Reservoir with our leaders Dave and Heide Wolstenhulme. In this extended spell of glorious weather, and noting how low the water level was, we followed the south-east edge of the reservoir to pass the thatched barn, and took the path up Rough Hill which led over desperately dry moorland to Nussey Knot, the typical extensive views displayed for us. Stump Cross Caverns were nearby, and Dave was able to show us a plan of the cave system below our feet. We continued gradually uphill on Black Hill Road (track), past shake holes and old mining shafts until we connected with Skyreholme Bank lane. The wonderful displays of blue and yellow wayside flowers, blackthorn blossoms and the haze of new green in the trees were not wasted on our group…..and we made our way to charming Parceval Hall (with more information from Dave), where we were showered with falling cherry blossom.

Skyreholme Beck led us northwards, past the old broken dam, as we approached Trollers Gill, where we enjoyed our lunch on the warm turf. From here a couple of walkers chose to take the alternative path as the rest of us scrambled up the dry Trollers Gill, (but we not impeded by trolls or the spectral hound), all to meet at the cave of Hell Hole. There were many rock climbers and abseilers exercising their skills in this dramatic gorge which was carved by glacial meltwater, and it is thought that the upper part of the gorge may well be a collapsed cavern. From Hell Hole, we joined New Road briefly before taking the northbound path to cross the Pateley Bridge road onto the track which returned us to Grimwith.

A hot sunny walk, in good company, through our amazing landscape and past numerous interesting features. Leaders: Dave and Heide Wolstenhulme.