This meeting was led by Jean Kendrew

Introductory images – Feizor village CB; Bluebells and Herb Paris IH; General view PK


10th May 2022

14 people met at Feizor on a dull, breezy morning, and set off on a lane out of the village.  Progress was quite slow as there were many interesting plants to see on either side of the limestone walled lane, which was covered in beautiful mosses.  Growing amongst them was Saxifraga tridactylites (Rue-leaved saxifrage), Geranium lucidum (Shining Crane’s-bill) as well as Geranium robertianum (Herb Robert).  On top of the walls was the fern Polypodium vulgare (Common Polypody), looking rather shrivelled after the dry weather.

White Bluebell IH

Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Bluebell) started to appear in the lower vegetation as well as some stunning Geum rivale (Water Avens) with its unusual apricot – pink coloured drooping flowers.  Eventually we came across patches of Primula vulgaris (Primrose), Oxalis acetosella (Wood Sorrel), Anemone nemorosa (Wood Anemone) and Orchis mascula (Early-purple Orchid).

Wood Anemone IH

Early Purple Orchids CB



Further on, a beautiful patch of Moehringia trinerva (Three-veined sandwort) was growing at the foot of a tree and nearby was a patch of Paris quadrifolia (Herb Paris) with its solitary flower in the centre of a green leaf whorl.  As we progressed along the lane patches of Ranunculus auricomus (Goldilocks Buttercup) were spotted.  After leaving the lane the group stopped for lunch just before entering Oxenber Wood.

Three-veined Sandwort IH

Goldilocks Buttercup IH


Walking up the hillside the expanse of Bluebells was breathtaking, with Primroses, Primula veris (Cowslip), Wood Anemones and Early Purple Orchids poking through the sward and it was especially stunning  when the sun shone.  Further along the path was an area where hybrids of the Primrose and Cowslip could be seen, Primula x polyantha.  When we moved in to Wharfe wood the vegetation changed slightly and we saw patches of Aquilegia vulgaris (Columbine) as well as Erophila verna (Common Whitlow Grass) with its ‘Honesty like’ seed pods showing.

False Oxlip IH

During the visit over 100 plant species were spotted and in this report it has only been possible to highlight a few of them.  At the end of the walk some of the group enjoyed refreshments at the café to reflect on what had been seen during the day.

Jean Kendrew

Photos CB Christine Bell; IH Ian Hughes; PK Peter Kerr

Website Christine Bell.