Many thanks to Ian Hughes for sharing with us some of the lovely photos he took on our recent botany group visit to the Board Walk. On the first featured image are Bog Asphodel, the capsules of the Common Haircap Moss and Common Valerian against a background of Meadowsweet. It was disturbing to see the steady encroachment of this plant as we have observed also at the SSSI at Kilnsey Park. The second image shows a Dragonfly, the buds of Grass of Parnassus, always looked for at this time of year  and the flowers of Saw-wort which matches the buds seen on the general July Update

Round-leaved Sundew

The Sundew is a plant we always look for on the Board Walk with its rosette of inviting red hairs to snap up straying insects, but often we don’t see the delicate white flowers. The climbing fragile looking white Bedstraws, plentifully seen on this visit can be hard to distinguish but Ian has caught one means of distinguishing them, a tiny bristle at the end of the leaves on Fen Bedstraw on the left but not on the Marsh Bedstraw on the right.

Christine Bell