Nine members made the trip to Malham visiting two areas: the path to Janet’s Foss first, and then up to the Cove after lunch.  Our first sighting was a family of Wrens, then a Buzzard up above. Very noticeable along the path were many butterflies: Small Skipper, Small and Green-veined White and a Fritillary, possibly Dark green. We had a lovely sighting of a male Redstart. In the beck we saw several Dippers, one of which had rings on its legs. After the publicity about the Foss being dry, we were amazed to see water was flowing again!


Redstart. Photo: Marg Smith.

After lunch back at the National Park Centre, we walked up to the Cove and used the RSPB telescopes to see the Peregrines. There was only one near the nest site so presumably the others were away hunting. Another male redstart posed very close to us, always a lovely bird to spot.

All told we saw 29 species; an enjoyable outing.

Win Clements